Muzart at AES has been bursting with creative ideas and wonderful voices!  We started the year with observational drawing.

In Kindergarten we traced, painted and cut leaves to create “Leaf People.”  

First grade artists observed a pumpkin from Tenney Farm as well as a famous work of art by Van Gogh, Starry Night.  We combined our observations into artworks of “Pumpkins in the Starry Night!”

In Second Grade, we painted Whimsical Fall Trees after reading, Fall Is Not Easy by Marty Kelley.  We also painted a Fall Tree Reflection mixing red and yellow paint to make orange.

Our third grade artists had a choice in creating their leaf art.  They could design their artwork in a Pop Art style or Realistic style using a combination of sharpie, oil pastel and watercolor paints.

In Fourth Grade our AES student artists created many observational studies of sunflowers in their new sketchbooks.  They used pencil, paint, oil crayon, paper collage as well as markers.  Every project is so unique just like our AES students!

In Music we are practicing beat, rhythm, body percussion, singing in unison and learning new contra dances and action songs!  Ask a Kindergarten student, “What would you do if a Robot came to tea?”  You can board the train with a first grader who could clap the beat and rhythm of “Engine, Engine Number Nine!”  If you hear a Second Grader singing,” ta ta titi ta”  they are creating their own rhythms using quarter notes and eighth notes. Trolls have invaded Third grade Music Class in the story of Peer Gynt as we listen closely and analyze,  “In the Hall of the Mountain King” by Edvard Grieg.  Finally, our Fourth Grade Contra Dancers have been learning to work together to dance and perform body percussion rhythms, have them teach you “stomp, clap, snap” then listen as they improvise their own rhythm to join yours!


Future adventures in Muzart include portraits and rhythm instruments!