Featured image of article: Owls Teach Color Families

We have been studying color families in Art this month.  Our student artists have been painting and weaving!  In Kindergarten we made and painted recycled weaving looms using only primary colors of red, yellow and blue!  Our First Grade artists painted a color wheel creating secondary colors using the primary colors.  They made orange, green and purple.  

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Featured image of article: ConVal School Board Update

Every March, all voters in the district are provided with the opportunity to vote on the budget for the following school year.

In addition, there are some items that frequently appear and require voter approval, including acceptance of the auditor reports, appropriation of funds for the various district trust funds, and School Board member salaries.

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On November 15, 2017, Antrim Eagle Groups created children’s book themed wreaths for display at the annual Antrim Festival of the Trees.    You can see them all on display at the Antrim Library on November 25th from 10-4, and any time after that when the library is open through the holidays.

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