Students at AES just finished a month-long exposure to computer coding during their after school coding club. Organized by Mr. Stultz and Mrs. Syre-Hager, students had the opportunity to learn the basics of coding while working with kid-friendly themes such as Star Wars and Angry Birds. Dash, a programmable robot, made an appearance a few times where students took turns coding commands to made it move,

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Antrim Elementary School hosted the monthly Community Supper in Antrim in March. This event is sponsored by different groups each month and is coordinated through The Grapevine.  AES served various pasta dishes, salad, garlic bread and an assortment of yummy desserts. AES 4th graders served over 75 people.  A delicious, filling meal was enjoyed by all.

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To celebrate the 100th Day of School, Kindergarten did a STEM challenge using 50 toothpicks and 50 marshmallows. The kindergarten students worked together in pairs to build towers using all 100 items. We found that this challenge took lots of patience, communication, team work and fun!

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During Kindness week, the students made their own clay hearts. We then came together as a class to figure out a way to attach all of our hearts together into one large heart. We did this project to celebrate being kind to one another and and to understand the importance of working together as a class!

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