Featured image of article: Cornucopia At AES

This spring the Cornucopia Project has been working with AES. The students are getting a demonstration as to how seeds grow into plants. The Cornucopia Project works with students in first and second grade in the spring and fall so they can see how things change in the growing season.

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Featured image of article: AES Honors Police Chief Lester

On Monday morning, April 26, 2021, Antrim Police Chief Scott Lester was invited to AES to receive a handmade gift from staff and students in honor of his retirement at the end of this week.  During a short presentation that was on Zoom for the entire school, Principal Syre-Hager honored Chief Lester with an original piece of artwork by Muzart teacher Carole Storro.

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Featured image of article: More, More, and More Fractions

At AES third graders are working to place fractions on a number line, and find equivalent¬†fractions on a number line.¬†¬†We’re having fun by writing on our desks and using¬†clothesline¬†rope as a number line on the floor!¬† Keeping fractions fun!

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