School Nurse

Hello, My name is Vicki Mellon. I am the nurse here at A.E.S. (Some people call me Nurse Mellon)

Please click here to view an informational brochure regarding head lice.  A helpful head lice checklist is also available.

The School Nurse is available throughout the school day to offer health care to students who experience either chronic or acute health problems.

The Nurse maintains contact with parents in the event that a student’s health problem requires that the student be sent home. She also assists parents by providing appropriate healthcare referrals upon request.

The reach the Nurse’s Office, please call 588-6371 X 6453.

Please make sure to consult the  New Hampshire School Immunization Requirements  by the NH Department of Health and Human Services to inform yourself of all immunizations that are required before your student can attend school.          Please Remember To Eat Healthy!

Click on the following link for a list of Healthy Snacks!

Healthy Snack List