Featured image of article: 4th Grade N.H. State Symbol Project with Jeannie Connolly

4th Grade N.H. State Symbol Project with Jeannie Connolly

The Fourth Grade at AES have been studying the state symbols of New Hampshire. Everybody made fold-out books about the state symbols.

First, we picked a random state symbol from a cup.  We researched our assigned symbol using information from the internet. We read facts about our symbols. Some of the symbols are the state bird, state rock, state animal, and state motto. We each wrote one or two facts about our symbol, and also included when it was designated the state symbol.

Next, we illustrated our symbols. We needed to color our pictures so whoever is reading knows what each symbol looks like. We had to color 16 copies of our symbol, so everyone in the class could include it in their book.

Finally, everybody made books about our symbols. Jeannie Connolly helped us make a cool accordion book that folds out. There were lots of steps so we had to listen carefully and follow directions. We got to choose where we glued each symbol, and customize the cover and writing on our books. Each book is different! In the end, we took the books home to share at home. We got to create our own book and learn about our state.