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Owls Teach Color Families

We have been studying color families in Art this month.  Our student artists have been painting and weaving!  In Kindergarten we made and painted recycled weaving looms using only primary colors of red, yellow and blue!  Our First Grade artists painted a color wheel creating secondary colors using the primary colors.  They made orange, green and purple.  They are now weaving their color wheel into a flower design!  In Second Grade we painted a landscape with either warm (red, yellow and orange) or cool  (blue, green or purple) colors. We added birch trees and are now weaving an owl to place in the trees.  Third grade artists are creating color portrait weavings.  They had the challenge to choose a color family (warm, cool, primary, secondary or complementary – opposite colors on the color wheel ) to design their weaving from head to toe!  Value, tints and shades of a color, was the theme for our Fourth Grade artists.  We created a few color studies in our sketch books and they had the chance to choose a final design for a canvas artwork!  When you visit our school, please check out our hallway art gallery by the nurses office.  They are masterpieces!