Featured image of article: AES Eagle Celebration

As a culminating event to the AES Eagle Recognition program, students and staff spent their “assembly” time on Shea Field flying kites, playing soccer, and many other activities. Pictured above is a student learning to fly a kite!

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Featured image of article: Kindergarten Egg Drop

For C Day of the Kindergarten ABC Countdown, they had Care For Your Egg Day and had an egg drop. They used recyclables to protect the egg then dropped them from the top of a ladder. 6 of our 26 eggs survived the fall! They had a lot of fun seeing if the eggs survived!

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Featured image of article: Bike Rodeo at AES

As part of the AES–PTO Spring Fest, Officer Horn from the Antrim Police Department in conjunction with the Antrim Recreation Department, hosted a Bike Rodeo for Antrim children to learn about bike safety.

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Featured image of article: AES Peeps Dioramas

To get into the spirit of spring, AES staff created dioramas using Peeps. Once completed students, staff and visitors were able to vote on their favorite diorama. The winning diorama was Bob Ross and Camping with his Peeps.

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Featured image of article: Sugaring in AES Kindergarten

Last week Mrs. James taught us about tapping trees for maple syrup. She also taught us how to make maple candy by pouring hot maple syrup onto snow. It was so much fun to watch it harden! She read us a story called “Sugar on the Snow” by Nancy Watson and we made our own prints on paper of maple trees using finger paint! 

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Antrim Elementary School hosted the monthly Community Supper in Antrim in March. This event is sponsored by different groups each month and is coordinated through The Grapevine.  AES served various pasta dishes, salad, garlic bread and an assortment of yummy desserts. AES 4th graders served over 75 people.  A delicious, filling meal was enjoyed by all.

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