AES’s 3rd grade and Annual Raptor Migration Count

Third graders from Mrs. Hill and Mr. Morris’ classes hiked Pack Monadnock Thursday to participate in the annual Raptor Migration count.  Students have been studying several things leading up to this trip including weather instruments to help predict good days for migration, adaptations that allow raptors to thrive in their environment, and identification of the three types of raptors we see most often in New Hampshire (buteos, accipitors, and falcons).  After a two-hour hike that included lots of teamwork, a few moose tracks, and lots of runoff from the previous night’s thunderstorms, they made it to the top with smiles and a great sense of achievement!  They were treated to a quick lesson about the work the New Hampshire Audubon and the Harris Center are doing at the Raptor Observatory after eating lunch and taking in the views.  The students impressed the presenter with their knowledge of raptors!  While at the observatory they were able to see several kettles of broad winged hawks, a few ravens, and a bald eagle!  The Raptor Observatory is open seven days a week from September 1st through November 15th.  You can find more information on the Harris Center website here: